For a practical decision support tool to produce the right plan, the civil engineering must be right. With support from Golder’s geotechnical team, and input from other industry experts, we have applied 4 years of rigorous engineering research to the DOT™ analytical process.

Prioritization and cost benefit analysis methodologies cannot navigate an asset management or capital plan’s complexity. DOT™ utilizes 10 years of current doctorate level research on optimization algorithms to create unparalleled multiyear, multi-constraint capital plans. DOT™ has the flexibility to reflect your unique requirements and give due consideration to socio-economic and all risk factors in your analytical process.

Finally, the DOT™ user interface is intuitive, easy to use, gives you the ability to run and compare multiple scenarios on screen. The system generates analyses and reports that are presentation and plan ready. Your plans will fully justify your funding requests and garner respect and support from for your decision-makers, your boots on the ground, and your community.

Why DOT™

A user-friendly software with powerful analytics

    • Disaster Recovery with geo-redundant storage and site recovery.
    • Automatic backup and restoration process.
    • 99.9% guaranteed software availability.